Letting Your Inner Child Out – Peter Pan Did It And So Should You


Letting Your Inner Child Out – Peter Pan Did It And So Should You

Our children need us to return to NeverLand, even if only for a little while. Building forts, sleep overs, and just playing around is good for both you and your child/children. It may seem silly but read on if you want to know more about the connections you can create, trust you can build, and a self reminder that we don’t have to be serious all the time. Where’s the fun in all that anyway?

Parenting burnout is a real thing and it happens to the best of us. Our inner child remembers how to have fun with simplicity. Letting out your inner child is bound to make room for some amazing family fun time. What were some of your favorite things to do when you were your kid’s age? Do your children enjoy doing those same things? Crawl into your fort, turn on some fun videos and jam out with your little ones. Nursery rhymes can lead to a world of family fun time if only you remember what it was like to be a kid again.

  • Getting Down On Their Level: We tower over our children and we can’t help it because we are so big and they are so small. Getting down on your child’s level helps build communication skills, provides a sense of comfort, and helps you both be at eye level with one another. Your kids would love to have you sitting down on the floor to color together or build with legos.
  • A Special Experience: Your little ones will quickly notice that you don’t get down and play with your friends like you do with them. That’s something special you do with them and maybe other children that come around. That in itself will make your kids feel even more special than they already do. It becomes personal and private almost like creating a world just between you and your children.
  • Building Forts = Building Connections: Building a fort or a secret hideout with your kids is bound to help build a connection that wasn’t there before. Together you are creating a hide-a-way for each other to go hang out and just do you. For your child to see your inner child creates a bond like you wouldn’t believe.
  • Sharing Your Past: Believe it or not, your kid has an interest in your younger self. While you sit with your little one and share things about when you were little gives them more than an image. It’s like a shared memory between you guys. Don’t be shy, share your favorite childhood shows, characters, and music. It lets them in on a piece of you that once was. My Little Pony and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have been out for years and I bet that old Saturday morning cartoon extravaganza would be a fun time for you and you children.
  • You’re Never Too Old: We work our butts off whether it is at a job or around the house. You might feel like your days of riding bikes and shooting hoops is over but you’re never too old to get out there and have a go. I remember when I was around 8 years old, I had never seen my mom ride a bike and when I finally did for the first time it’s like I was the parent nervous for my child. She hopped on that bike and rode like the wind. Even if we feel old there are plenty of things we can do with our little ones.

We work hard, keep up on house chores, pay bills, do the shopping, and as parents we worry about a lot of stuff. Remember to let your inner child out from time to time. Your kids will see a totally different side of you and it can help create bonds like you’d never imagine. Build with legos, ride a bike, answer the fake cell phone, and sit in your pajamas on Saturday morning and live it up with some kid videos. It’s important for our children to see the side of us that once was, I think it helps them know that we’re just humans too only bigger with grown-up stuff to do. Remember, some of the best parenting tips we get sometimes come from our own children.

Elaina Garcia, is the author of Educational Children’s Audio books, available on Audible and Amazon. She is an experienced home-school teacher for grades K-6, and a business major who specializes in creating books for children., as well as, online content on various educational sites. Elaina is a contributor to KACHY TV Blog and her children’s books revolves around nature and science as well as on building family bond and connections and improving communication.

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