Kachy TV Nursery Rhymes and Kids Songs have a current opening for the following positions:


A 3D Modeler is needed for creating and updating Kachy TV characters.
A professional artist who will utilize up to date computer software to create new characters or upgrade existing characters as three-dimensional models

The 3D modeling artist will be provided a 3D image or references from which the artist creates the 3D models. The artist should have up to date knowledge of current software used for modeling and texturing. The 3D models are to be easily useable by other artists in the production pipeline.

Skills and Responsibilities

Ability to model complex human and animal characters

Knowledge of human and animal anatomy and perspective

Outstanding knowledge of proportions and attention to important details

Can work under pressure and meet important deadlines

Good illustration skills and understanding of

Ability to problem-solve complex issues ?

Ability to create cute and believable characters

Ability to work in a team and take direction


The lighting and texturing artist are responsible for adding the last finishing touches on the project. This position requires an imaginative and creative artist and who is experienced and skilled in modern technology of computer animation.

Skills and Responsibilities

Knowledge of 3D software tools such as Maya, Photoshop, After Effects,

Ability to provide effective lighting and accurate photorealistic textures for mapping 3D objects from provided references.

Working knowledge and understanding of color theory and application

Should be able to follow design reference accurately to create photorealistic textures ?

Work diligently with a cohesive team of 3d texture artists within the full CG team

Ability to produce work that is detail orientated ?

Have a strong knowledge to layout the UVs of a model ?

Ability to produce high-quality output within the agreed timeframe ?

Readiness to learn and adapt to new 3D technologies and plugins ?

Ability to follow the teams best practices ?


We constantly require illustrations for our videos. The storyboard artist is provided with the storyline and should be able to take the scripts and translate the story into visual pans and frames so that the team of artist working on the project can have a guide and a path to complete each project ?

It is important to bring the story on the script to live including showing the emotions, attitude, set and context on the storyboard. The aim is to achieve a captivating video by achieving the content of the storyboard ?

Required Skills:

Good knowledge of illustrations and drawing skills ?

Ability to create images that match and alleviates the story on the script ?

Experience working in television or field of film ?

Strong understanding of tv and filmmaking production pipeline ?

Knowledge of production software’s

Understanding of production languages and ability to adapt to different styles

Possess excellent work ethic and attention to details

Good oral and written communication skills

Ability to work in a team and follow directions and accept feedback


A Social media manager will be responsible for social media promotions, on all platforms. It will include postings and creating awareness on all social media platforms.

Skills and responsibilities

Content management including social media sites and website

Optimization of content and Managing Paid ads

Brand development and awareness, and building an online reputation ?

Responsible for turning fans into customer

SEO tasks and generation of inbound traffic

Strong writing and oral communication skills


The work of the 3D animator is to bring characters to live – adding movements and creating character performance

The animator should have experience working on human and animal characters and the ability to create an entertaining performance for children ?

Required Skills:

Traditional animation skills

Animation background and experience

Strong graphics and illustration skills

Knowledge of animation and 3D programs especially Autodesk maya

Ability to work under pressure and meet important deadlines


The Animation Director will work closely with the producer to ensure that his needs on the production are met. The animation director’s role will be the link between the animating team and the producer. The animation director job will include hiring, building a strong animation team as well as managing workflow. The Animation Director needs to understand the nature and demands of each project ?

The Animation Director will review, supervise, monitor and provide feedback to the team.

Required Skills:

Animation background and experience

Strong graphics and illustration skills

Knowledge of animation and 3D programs especially Autodesk maya

Good communication skills

Positive attitude with the ability to work within a team

Ability to manage multiple talents from a diverse background ?

Ability to work under pressure and meet important deadlines

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