How a family can deal with difficult times

How a family can deal with difficult times

How a family can deal with difficult times

Difficult times are part and parcel of our existence. None of us can be immune to uncertain circumstances and undesirable situations. Though we always hope for the best, it is essential to be prepared for what life may throw at us.

We learn to adapt to changing situations and strive to find our way out, but last minute difficulties, unforeseen circumstances and unplanned blunders can knock at our doors any time. Dealing with loss of a loved one, job loss, major illnesses, financial troubles and similar such challenges demand lot of maturity, courage, trust and faith.

Dealing and healing

At times, the sorrow and pain can overpower our faith, creating episodes of doubt. We also want to protect our kids from the pain. So we need courage. If we fail to gather the courage and confidence to stand back, it will affect our little innocent kids who look at us as their source of support. While it is difficult we have to learn to find the way out, or we make it more troublesome for our family.

Focusing over worries and creating a melodramatic may not bring solutions. We cannot stop unforeseen circumstances from invading our happy household, but we can learn to handle it well.  We can ease the process, reduce the pain, we can win at the end of it all.

Let us look at ten ways to deal with difficult times.

  1. Accept and move – Denial creates lot of troubles. When an undesirable incident occurs in our life, the first step is to accept it. Make peace with the fact that some unavoidable trouble has come your way. Only after we take it within our system, we can find ways to come out of it. Our energy, resources and ideas can work towards the solution, rather than crying or denying the loss. It does not make us any smaller or a loser to accept that things did go south.
  2. Do act, don’t think– When difficulties strike our otherwise usual routine, we tend to over-think. We easily get distracted from our expected responsibilities. As we worry about how to deal with it, we unknowingly take tensions and think over and over again. It can also spoil the peace and stability of our house, affecting our kids in the process. The only thing to remember is that our thoughts and worries will not solve it. We must act and find a solution rather than keep worrying over it.
  3. Pick the hidden lesson– Difficulties are lessons in disguise. They do leave us sad and painful, but they encourage us to think and learn. Diseases teach us to take care of our body, financial troubles prompt us to save and manage well. Often, we take life for granted. But, such difficult times teach us to value everything correctly.
  4. Engage in creativity– One of the best ways to deal with trouble is to engage in some creative tasks, learn new skills, and develop ourselves. It will not reduce the pain, but it will teach us something good and distract from the sorrow.
  5. Express and seek support– Bottling our sad feelings and emotions increase the pain to immense levels. We often keep it to ourselves out of embarrassment, guilt, anger or shame. But, at such times, we should seek support from our loved ones. Surrounding ourselves with people, expressing our thoughts and talking it out will clear our mind to find solutions.
  6. Stick to routine- Though difficulties will tend to change our overall schedule with some last moment changes, we should strive to stick to the same routine as much as we can. This is especially important to protect our kids. Too many changes in daily life can create troubles for children.
  7. Ask help but don’t depend– There is nothing wrong in asking for help. Seek assistance to baby-sit kids if needed or ask guidance from elders, friends, colleagues and loved ones. Depending on someone forever is incorrect but seeking help to deal with the immediate trouble is essential and necessary.
  8. Spend undistracted time with kids– Difficulties can spoil our overall mood. It may drive us to anger, frustration and irritation. But it is incorrect to transfer the sorrow to our kids. Spend quality time with them, play along, listen to kids learning songs or watch funny videos with them and enjoy as much as you can.
  9. Create short-term goals– When we encounter unexpected difficulties, it can drive us into doubts. We may end up losing our confidence to keep working as before, hence it is important to quit such doubts. Create some short-term goals and fulfil the expected tasks. Regain confidence to get back on track.
  10. Seek guidance, inspiration and motivation– Seek guidance from inspirational books. Look around for motivational people. Learn from their experiences. Each one of us has troubles, but how we deal with it makes the difference. Read positive thoughts, watch inspiring stories and learn from real-life examples.

Difficult times are unexpected moments of shock. Though we may prepare ourselves well, we cannot avoid sorrow, pain, stress and tears. The only thing we can do is bounce back to life as soon as possible for our family, kids, happiness and well-being. Live life full of misery or live life after misery is our choice.

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Rita Izu- is a mother and an RN working in a hospital setting. She’s passionate about nursery rhymes and writing and supporting other women in her community to have a voice in their world. Rita believes that every woman has a talent which she needs to use to make her life and the life of her family fun and more interesting. She’s s a contributing writer for and innovative about the impact mothers, teachers and women and men can make in the lives of their children and family.

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