7 Crazy Things That Happen To Your Body once you deliver your Baby

7 Crazy Things That Happen To Your Body once you deliver your Baby

7 Crazy Things That Happen To Your Body once you deliver your Baby

Let’s face it ladies, childbirth does some very strange things to our bodies. While we may be very well aware of what is going on biologically while pregnant, what happens to our bodies after giving birth is far more of a grey area that gets strangely overlooked while all our attention goes on our brand-new bundle of joy

Apart from the ‘exploding boobs’, stretch marks and having to dash to the toilet every 10 minutes, there are other more surprising things in store for us new mothers that everyone we know seem to conveniently forget to tell us about. Let’s take a look at seven more crazy things you may experience once you have delivered your baby….

1: The ‘Bigfoot’ Experience

Once upon a time, you may have been quite proud of your delicate little feet as they effortlessly slipped into your latest pair of high heels or strappy sandals. But not any longer! With pregnancy and motherhood your feet tend to splay out under all the extra weight you are carrying, and post birth you feet may never shrink back to their original size. Be prepared to go shoe shopping for larger or wider sizes!

2: A ‘Hairy’ Situation

OK, so this point is two-fold. Firstly, you may start to notice sprouting hairs appearing in new places that you are sure were not there before baby arrived. Secondly, that luscious mane on thick silky hair on your head that grew during pregnancy will probably start to fall out now, or may start going curly, frizzy or just start breaking off. Pregnancy hormones help your hair and nails to grow too, so once baby has vacated your womb, you can face a bit of a hairy problem. Or you can see it as a great excuse to have a makeover with a stylish new hair-do.

3: What’s that Pong?

Do you smell that strong whiff of body odour? That might be you! Your body will begin to sweat a lot more than usual in an effort to get rid of extra body fluids that you needed during pregnancy. You may need to switch up to a stronger deodorant for the next few months!

4: This tastes weird!

Remember when you were pregnant and you craved all sorts of weird and wonderful foods? Well, prepared to be surprised once again! Even months after you have given birth your tastes can change so drastically that previously loved foods and drinks may not taste quite the same.

5: Hangovers are 100% worse

No matter what your old drinking weight was pre-baby, being a new mother can lower your tolerance levels to alcohol. This may mean you end up nursing the hangover from hell, while experiencing horrible flashbacks of you telling everyone in the bar that you loved them, and promising to marry the taxi driver that took you home. Not good.

6: Gain or Lose an allergy

Pregnancy can also mess with your immune system, quite often in a positive or negative way. Post-birth, you can suddenly develop allergies to wheat, washing powder, pollen or dander that you never suffered with before. For some new mothers the reverse is true where pregnancy cured them of issues such as eczema or hay fever – isn’t the body crazy?

7: Your music tastes change

No matter if you were a die-hard fan of Coldplay, Adele, or even Justin Bieber, for the next five years at least you can forget about listening to your favourite singer or bands! Your home music system and car stereo will now be constantly playing nursery rhymes tracks. You will spend hours walking around your home rocking your baby to sleep while singing baby songs and lullabies. Your TV will be tuned in to Kachy TV where you will learn by heart lots of wonderfully fun animal songs and favourite kids songs.

So strong with the pull of nursery rhymes be that you are instantly transported back to your own childhood with memories of singing baby songs with your own parents. Be prepared to catch yourself singing nursery rhymes and lullaby songs to yourself as you walk around the supermarket isles – even when you manage to shop without your baby in tow!

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