5 easy ways to keep your kid happy without technology


5 easy ways to keep your kid happy without technology

Imagine this scenario: you and your kids are at a place without technology available.

Can you feel anxiety crawling up? Do you think you can handle it?

This feeling between unease and total panic is because you may not have ideas on how to entertain your children without technology. Of course technology has taken over, offering so much fun and entertainment but have you been wondering how to help your kid use less technology or not to be so dependent on technology?

Or maybe you are not so concerned but you simply wish to try to reduce the influence technology has on your kid with healthy alternatives.

After all, TV, DVDs, computer games, the internet, social media networks, and mobile phones are constantly surrounding our kids. While we welcome their usefulness, we want to also make sure that we are connecting with our families.

Technology has come to stay and to play a vital role in our lives and that of our children but either way, you need alternative activities to keep your kids happy, and yourself sane.

After all, no kid can sit still by himself or herself for long with engagement.

Here is a great list of simple and easy to do activities and which does not involve the internet or smart phones. We used to play these games with our kids when going on trips. They truly loved them. With the kids getting older music channels started to compete with the games. However, we still play some of the games, with me enjoying the fun as well.

Write a story as a family

This is a great way of keeping your kids busy when you can’t move around, like sitting at a table in a restaurant. You just need paper and a pen. And you need to motivate them by being cheerful about it.

One person can start writing the story, maybe 3-4 lines and share it. Then the next one continues the story, then the next one and so on. At the end you have a funny story written by the whole family. And reading it out loud can be pure entertainment.

Make Music

Whatever it takes, getting your kids involved in music is a great long-term alternative to any kind of technology. And you don’t have to be professional about it, in fact the less professional you are the better

Sing funny songs, guess songs that others are humming, find an instrument to play, get your kids drums or drum on empty yogurt bins. Any kind of music is great for your kid’s development and happiness.

Paint the pantomime

This is something my kids love to do. It’s a combination of pantomime, painting and guessing. One person plays an animal, a person or a situation with only gestures. The other person has to guess what it is. But instead of saying it, the person has to paint it. It involves all kids of skills, lots of creativity and fun.

Of course, if you have no paper and crayons you can play the old fashioned way and have one person do the pantomime and have the other person guess what the funny gestures could mean.

Guess an animal

We play this game a lot in the car. It is very simply but keeps us busy for quite some time.

One person thinks of an animal. Then the other person has to find out which animal it is by asking questions. The questions could include ‘Is the animal bigger than a cat or smaller than a cat? Does it live in water?’ Try it. You will love it.

Explore outside

Nature is always an alternative to technology. There is so much to see and to explore.

And the fresh air will boost your immune system and relax your brain.

If you are in a position to move around, try to find outdoor places where the kids can experience some adventures learn something about nature or find a treasure. You just have to hide the treasure before they look for it.

Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed this list of simple fun activities you can do without using any technology.

They are perfect when going on a trip with your kids.

If you want to explore more complicated ways, you can look for resources to perform easy scientific experiments.

However, this list should get you started right away and you can repeat these activities many times.

It’s time to get creative!

Which activity will you try first?

About the Author

Ilka Emig is a passionate self-development writer, lovable scientist and mother of two funny, constantly question asking and knowledge craving kids. She is on a mission to motivate parents to relax and enjoy their kids. Ilka Emig is a contributor to KachyTV Blog and writes at http://simplyilka.com/

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