When I watched Kachy TV’s Hickory Dickory Dock nursery rhyme video this was my reaction:
Yes, I see a house, so the Cat has a home? Nice
That’s Catty oh with the cheese on a plate
Oh, excellent the box is moving, the box is moving, what’s in the box? Oh my

Catty the Cat just hide the cheese, oh that’s too high up
The box is still moving, who’s in the box, who?
Mousy the mouse! Mousy?
What are you up to Mousy?
What are you up to?
Oh my, you want to run and get the cheese?
Mousy is after the cheese, he is climbing, I see Mousy up to the cheese

But the clock stuck 1 and oh my – mousy falls, oh no
But see, Mousy is up and he’s going up again
He’s trying to get to the cheese, will Mousy succeed?
The clock struck 2
Mousy crashes down again, oh Mousy be careful
Oh my
Hey, Tooty is here! But mousy is just after the cheese, yummy cheese

Mousy climbs again and oh my mousy goes up again
And the clock struck 3 oh no Mousy falls
With cheese is on his mind – Tooty has the toothbrush and paste for Mousy

But mousy is still on the way up, cheese on his mind
Mousy tries again to reach the cheese and falls again – oh my, ouch
Tooty is waving the brush – brush your teeth Mousy

But Mousy is going up again, will Mousy ever give up?
Mousy climbs up again and maybe he will get it this time, right?
Oh the clock struck 5 but Mousy falls again

Oh Mousy, see Catty is back, run
Kachy grabs her cheese to eat
But wait to see Tooty handing Catty a brush and paste, Catty takes it
Catty is brushing
Mousy is thinking, Mousy brush, yes brush
To get a cheese you need to brush

Nice, mousy brushes, brushing left and right, up and down, oh my,
Mousy’s teeth are clean
And now Mousy is invited to eat with Catty
Nice, yummy, yummy cheese, nice
Hickory, hickory ducks
Nice, thanks, Kachy TV Nursery Rhymes

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