(Animal sounds heard)
Hey, what’s making these sounds?
Ok, let’s find out which animals are making these sounds

What did the cat say? Meow meow meow x3
Let’s hear the cat say Meow meow meow
(meow meow meow meow meow meow)

What did the cow say? Mow mow mow x3
Let’s hear the cow say mow mow mow
(moo moo moo)
What did the mouse say? Squeak squeak squeak x3
Let’s hear the mouse say Squeak squeak squeak
(squeak squeak squeak)
What did the dog say? woof woof woof x3
Let’s hear the dog say woof woof woof
(woof woof woof woof woof)
What did the duck say? Quack quack quack x3
Let’s hear the duck say quack quack quack
(Quack quack quack)

What did the horse say? Neigh neigh neigh x3
Let’s hear the horse say neigh neigh neigh
(neigh neigh neigh)

What did the pig say? Oink oink x3
Let’s hear the pig say oink oink
(oink oink oink oink)

What did the sheep say? Ba ba ba x3
Let’s hear the sheep say ba ba ba
(ba ba ba ba ba ba)

Many animals have many sounds
And just as there are different animals
There are different animal sounds
(Animal sounds)

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